Herriman drumline marches to the beat of success

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February 22, 2016

If you’ve ever heard the sound of drums echo through the Herriman hallways, you know it’s Drumline coming to drop a sick beat.

The Drumline is known as the ultimate way to get students pumped for games. Not only do they perform at assemblies. but they march through the hallways at the end of class, play in the stadium during games and during the spirit team’s pre-game dance, as well as lead the Football team onto the field with their groovy cadences.

What some don’t know is that the drumline is also a part of the Herriman Marching band. From August to November, they, along with the front ensemble, which includes other percussion instruments and the rest of the band spend three hours practicing their show music everyday after school, and occasionally for 10 hours on Saturdays.

“Drumline is a great way to increase your talents while learning how to work as a team,” said drumline captain Shane Larson (16’). “There’s nothing like being on a drumline, due to how close all the members are, and how rewarding it can be when you work hard.”

The drumline and the rest of the band traveled to Dixie State University in St. George for the Red Rocks State Competition during the first weekend of November. They performed their absolute best show, and the judges thought so, too. During the award ceremony, Herriman was presented with the Percussion Caption. Since Herriman hasn’t received that award since 2012, it was a pretty big deal.

“The feeling of finally getting percussion caption, combined with getting it at the state competition is the most amazing feeling,” front ensemble captain Daniel Janis (17’)said. “After a whole season of fighting for it, working hard and improving, finally getting it makes me feel like we had such a major accomplishment.”

Drumline can be thanked for all the school spirit felt before games, and they don’t plan on playing quieter anytime soon.