What guys wish girls knew

Love Me for who I am

For some of the men of Herriman Highs School, this was a plea to be loved. MacK Atkinson (‘18) had only one thing to tell the ladies of HHS. “Learn to deal with me,” lamented Atkinson. “I’m worth it I promise.” “I wish that girls realized how extremely attractive I am.” said Gage Brouse (‘19). Guys want to be accepted. Whether it is an annoying sense of humor or a “unique” personality, we want to be loved for who we are.

Texting vs. Calling

If we don’t respond to your text, don’t worry! We are most likely busy. If you really need to contact us, try calling us! When you do text us remember, it’s okay to text us first. That is one great way to catch a guy’s attention. Us guys may really want to text you, but we don’t want to bother you by texting you too much. One great way to show that you enjoy texting us is to occasionally be the conversation starter.

We are smarter than we seem

We may be simple, but we aren’t stupid.” said Gable Briggs (‘18). Many guys believe strongly in simplicity, not to be confused with stupidity. Most guys are fairly straightforward. Don’t confuse this with stupidity. When dealing with guys, Kyler Alm (‘17) had some simple advice for girls. “Turn right to go left” said Alm.

Don’t lead us on

If you don’t like us, tell us, we can take it. We would rather know now than later. Nothing gets to a guy more than thinking someone likes him, than finding out they were merely “being nice.” We can handle it if you’re not interested, even though it may be hard.

The Sensitive Side

“We are more fragile than we seem,” said Jackson Webber (‘18). “We have a sensitive side.” We may not always show it, but us guys do have emotions that sometimes need expressing. “[We need support] too. It’s that Sunday night when our team is losing. You need to be supportive.”


To us, it’s not weird for a girl to ask us on a date! Most guys would actually really like getting asked out to something other than a girls choice dance. Even if it’s something as simple as playing board games, we would still enjoy it.

Be confident

Be confident with us guys. We aren’t going to judge you. “Be yourself” said Caden Bailey (‘18). That’s what we like.

Spend time with us

One way to stand out to us guys is to try activities we enjoy. Nick Burrel (‘18) is a Prestige Master in Call of Duty, and had only one thing he wanted girls to know. “I wish girls would play video games with me.” Learning about guys and our interests is a great way to catch our attention and get to know us.

Don’t stereotype us

Us guys all have our own skills and interests. Don’t categorize us. “A man’s place is in the kitchen” confessed Alm. Not all of us guys want to be lumberjacks or bodybuilders one day. Just accept that.

Talking about other guys is not a conversation starter

I personally have experience with this. When you are with us, remember–we don’t want to talk about other guys. For example, once a close friend who happens to be female texted me: “Want to know who is attractive?” I then proceeded to ignore her text and move on with my life. Unless you want to make us jealous, talking about other guys is not a conversation starter, it’s just weird.

Dropping hints doesn’t work with us

We can’t take hints, and when we do catch on, it confuses us even more. Just be straightforward with us.

We’re fairly obvious

How we feel about you is going to be fairly obvious. We are straightforward. If we like you, it’s probably going to be clear. That’s just how us guys are.