Daylight savings

Kim Ponce Gonzalez, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. Daylight Savings. Spring forward, fall back. In spring we lose an hour of sleep and in fall we gain an hour which means we get one more hour of sleep! Now it won’t be feeling like you woke up during nighttime and it will be brighter out. Some states like Arizona and Hawaii don’t have daylight savings. Unlike Utah, we do.


The people in Utah have different opinions on Daylight Savings. One student at Herriman said “I hate daylight savings! Arizona doesn’t have daylight savings and they’re doing just fine!” exclaimed Callie Stevens. Benjamin Mcmullin said a very similar statement about daylight savings which is “I think it sucks.” Most students tend to hate daylight savings because it messes up their sleep schedule and then the next day at school there are about five students sleeping in class. All thanks to daylight savings.


For the students that like daylight savings, they would only like fall back instead of spring forward. One of our Mustangs, Cami Klvacek said “I love fall back, but I hate spring forward. I like fall back because at night it’s dark and you think it’s late but you check the time and it is earlier than you thought which is really cool!” and finally Senah Park says “Alright” about daylight savings in one word. It’s interesting to see the different opinions about a controversial topic.


Some background on why we do daylight savings is back in 1895. George Hudson introduced the idea. He brought the idea to save energy throughout America and other places. Economically it benefits businesses from extra afternoon daylight. Except on the more downside, the clock shifting was found to increase heart attacks by 10 percent. In conclusion, daylight savings can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on health, sleep cycles, and marketing techniques.