If web browsers were countries

Ethan Ancell, Staff Writer

So many of us are constantly looking up all sorts of information on the internet. It’s all around us and penetrates every aspect of our life. The very program that gives you access to this all seeing power (the internet) is a very important choice to make. At the same time, one of the most influential establishments that runs our life is the government. Just maybe, we didn’t realize how similar the web browsers we use and the countries that control us are! Enjoy this comparison between web browsers and countries.


Google Chrome – United States of America

The gold standard of all web browsers, everyone loves Chrome. Everyone aspires to be the new Chrome, except no one can actually keep up on top of it because Google is just too good.


Firefox – France

France is a country that is developed and doing well. They aren’t the most powerful nation in the world, but they have considerable influence and everyone takes a trip there every once in awhile when they are sick of staying in the United States.


Safari – The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Apple’s very own baby, Safari wants to take over the world and replace every previous institution with itself. Leaving no prisoners, Safari will stop at nothing to attempt world domination. Sadly for the Islamic State, they will never triumph over the United States because nobody beats the United States.


Internet Explorer – Korea

Nope, not South Korea. Nope, not North Korea. Yep, we are talking about the old Korea that existed previous to the split of Korea in 1945. A somewhat backwards nation, they made basically no progress and everyone hated them.


Opera – Bulgaria

Everyone thinks they have heard the name, but no one actually knows anything about what it does.


Microsoft Edge – North Korea

Microsoft Edge is branded as being the newest and best web browser that beats out every other web browser in the world because they are the newest and shiniest and has the most nukes. In reality, it’s just a renamed failed successor of Korea.


Netscape – Holy Roman Empire

Ancient and antique, this once powerful giant now lies extinct and unused. That doesn’t change anything about how on fleek it used to be though.

(This article was written using Google Chrome)