Do people actually read the school newspaper?

Ethan Ancell, Staff Writer

If you ask anyone if they read the school paper, most people reply that they won’t, and if they do, they skim through a few articles that they find interesting, and skip past all the boring articles like “Introducing John Curtis”, “South Jordan Mayor Election”, “Do People Actually Read the School Paper?”, or some other boring crap that nobody cares about. (Except John Curtis maybe?)

Little do people know, the Herriman Telegraph also has an online version. I would assume that you know that since this article is being published online. If you are actually reading the online version of the school newspaper, email me at [email protected] for a free piece of candy, on me.

The Herriman Telegraph aims to have high quality content all the time, but we just aren’t well known enough.

If you actually read the online edition, you are definitely a minority. Usually people just get the print edition of the newspaper thrown in your face every quarter in your English class, or when you walk into the cafeteria.

One thing that everybody could get on to, is that the school newspaper could have a ton of potential among the school, if only it were utilized better and more well known among the student body. Do your part by spreading awareness to all your friends that the online edition of the newspaper actually exists and is a great thing!