The life of a ginger by a ginger

Ashley Hale, Staff Writer

I must admit, being a ginger can be difficult at times. The nicknames based on your hair, the constant struggle of being extremely white and never tanning, and more. May it be how rare it is or how odd the color is, gingers are treated differently.

I know I have made many friends just because of the hair color. As I always say, “Gingers must stick together.” Only about 2% of the world is naturally born a redhead.

Personally I think that the reason people are so fascinated with redheads is because of how different we are. All other natural hair colors are so neutral and blend in while gingers have a different tone to it.

In my gym class there was an oddly large number of redheads, at least 6. My gym teachers thought it would be funny to group us together and have us form a “ginger team” and I must agree it was funny. Seeing the reactions of the other groups when they realized what we all had in common was entertaining. While it was comedic it was also strange to see how stunned everyone was that there was so many of us, it also got confusing when other teams would call out “Hey ginger!” to get the attention of one of us, which is often done, and we would have to call back “Which one?”

Although it is fun at times to have this hair color it can also be quite annoying. When people begin to say that you are “soulless” or that you “steal souls” it gets kind of old. Though this does not annoy me, I can see how it may annoy some of the others of my kind.

Originally the idea of gingers being soulless came from our looks… of course. The flaming red hair and the pale skin gives off a similar description of “The Devil” and because of this, the rumor that we sold our souls to the devil to please him, was born.

Being a ginger has its downfalls, but it’s always entertaining. You never know what someone’s going to say next.