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Formal dress shopping

Kayla Miller, Head Editor

December 14, 2017

With Winter Ball coming up, many girls are looking for the perfect formal dress for them. Oftentimes, depending on size, height, and style, dresses can be difficult to find and knowing where to look is a hard task. Put togeth...

Things not to do on a date

Morgan Beckstead and Ivy Kelsch

December 7, 2017

We know that all you high schoolers think that you have the art of seduction down but I'm here to tell you that it's all in your head. Most boys (not men) think that sending erotically charged pictures of yourself will get you everyw...

Must-see December movies

Conor Spahr, News Editor

December 5, 2017

We’ve included the dates, genre, rating, and some details about the biggest must-see block busters coming out this December. Star Wars: The Last Jedi December 15th, 2017 | Fantasy/Sci-Fi | PG-13 | The next story in Disney’s continued Star Wars Trilogy, The Last...

Christmas music history

Maxwell Plummer, Staff Writer

November 29, 2017

Now that Thanksgiving is past and December is approaching, the intrusion of our soundwaves known as Christmas music is here. All of the grocery stores are playing variations of “Santa Baby” and “All I Want for Christmas...

Vaping made legal in utah high school classrooms and campuses?

Ashley Hale, Staff Writer

November 20, 2017

  The natural curiosity of the mind intrigues the reader to CLICK on the title therefore BAITING the audience with buzzwords, that peak curiosity and draw attention. Clickbaiting isn’t always a bad thing. Although people like yo...

Replacement swear words (so you don’t go to hell)

Conor Spahr, Morgan Beckstead, and Ivy Kelsh

November 14, 2017

Love to swear, but hate eternal damnation? We have the solution! There’s no need to risk getting those judgemental glares. Here’s 9 words you can use instead of your favorite swear words! Fudge Freak Shiz Gosh Heck ...

If web browsers were countries

Ethan Ancell, Staff Writer

November 14, 2017

So many of us are constantly looking up all sorts of information on the internet. It’s all around us and penetrates every aspect of our life. The very program that gives you access to this all seeing power (the internet) is ...

Winter bucket list ideas

Morgan Beckstead and Ivy Kelsch

November 14, 2017

Having trouble being lazy, make a bucket list and do something about it. Dont sit on your lazy rear end. Get to work! Here are some ideas on how to make you life more interesting so people want to be around you.   ...

One Republic Concert

Kayla Miller, Head Editor

October 3, 2017

Music blasts through the summer air as people of all ages fill empty seats. The beautiful unity a music group brings to so many of us can easily be experienced by going to a local concert. Recently, OneRepublic had a concert in We...

Board games that are actually fun!

Maxwell Plummer, Staff Writer

September 20, 2017

“Uh, actually I have to go,” you say when that ONE friend says he wants to play Monopoly. When your six-year-old cousin asks to play Sorry,  you silently groan in anticipation of that long, terrible, chance-based game. ...

Netflix movies worth watching

Lindsay Reyes, A&E Editor

September 19, 2017

It’s Monday night and you’re stuck doing homework. Your hand is cramping from writing, and the words in your textbook are starting to look blurry. It’s time to put off that homework and instead do something much more productive:...

Christmas quiz

Ashley Ricks and Alexa Shields

January 6, 2017

How much do you really know about Christmas? Take this true or false quiz to find out! President-elect Trump made Thanksgiving one week earlier to extend the Christmas season. T/F White Christmas is the best selling Christm...

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