The Telegraph

2019-2020 Staff

Kayla Miller

Head Editor

I’m the Editor in Chief this year for the school newspaper as a senior, and my favorite beat is Op/Ed. I joined the newspaper as a sophomore because writing is what I’m most passionate about. I also love creating my own young...

Olivia Chilcote


I joined the newspaper as a way to be further involved with the school. I'm excited to see what this year holds and . My favorite beat to write in is arts and entertainment. This year I am a senior. I enjoy finding good music,...

Annie Hyink

Assistant Editor

I am a junior this year and I enjoy writing news articles. When I graduate from high school, I am going to go to college for journalism. Being on the newspaper staff allows me to get a headstart. If I had to describe myself in...

Stillman Ballstaedt


My favorite area to write in is sports. I joined the school newspaper because I wanted to get some practice in sports writing and to express my opinion on sports. I am a Junior here at Herriman. I am funny, I love basketball,...

Kade Brooks


My name is Kade Brooks and I'm a junior at Herriman high. A few facts about me is that I love the our doors, I love to ride motercycles I enjoy camping, and I like to work. My favorite beat so far is op/ed. I joined school news...

Jacey Brown


This is my first year at Herriman, but I’m actually a junior. I came from Murray High School, where I was a (very opinionated) copy editor and features editor for the Spartan Sentinel. Unfortunately, their program has stopped,...

Daniel Cannon


I am a Senior this year and I run cross country and track. I enjoy doing crazy things with my friends. My favorite beat is sports. I joined newspaper because I thought it would be a cool learning experience. One word that describes...

Kyle Christiansen


My name is Kyle Christiansen, i joined newspaper because I thought it would be cool to get the word of the students along with my own out there. My favorite beat is definitely sports because I myself play a lot of sports. One...

Spencer Corliss


I’m a jr. in herriman high, favorite beat to write would have to be op/ed. I joined the newspaper team because I like to talk about important topics. If I had to describe myself in one word it would be funny. I also like hanging...

Halen Hubbard


This is my senior year, and I wanted to join newspaper to experience the many opportunities like writing and interviewing that come with it. My favorite beat in newspaper is Arts & Entertainment. I love everything about music...

Jonah Johnson


My favorite beat is Arts and Entertainment Velociraptor I am a senior I really like movies and podcasts Is that fun? Are those fun facts? I’m really not sure what is and isn’t interesting at this point And...

Gracie Leiter


I’m a junior at Herriman this year, and I joined the newspaper because I enjoy writing when I get to write about whatever subject I want. I like graphics, designing, taking pictures, along with writing in Feature. I am a level...

Gabe Lotz


My name is Gabe Lotz! I’m a senior here. I love to write about sports, and it’s my dream to be a Real Salt Lake commentator, which is why I took this class. I love most sports, I love rock and roll, and I love to sing.

Will Mangum


I’m a senior so that’s fine I guess. I joined newspaper because Kayla told me and my favorite beat is A/E because I like music and stuff. I’m taller than Jonah with our shoes off. I have a blind dog. If I had to describe...

Allie Moser


I’m a junior here at Herriman High school. My favorite beat right now is graphics and I joined newspaper because I like writing and I love Mrs. Neiufi(Dean). I’m a dancer and if I’m not doing that you’ll probably see me...

Ean Payne


Lily Ramirez


My favorite beat would be OP/ED. I joined newspaper because I really love to write and this is something I haven’t done yet. I am a Sophomore. A weird fact about me is that I can bend my fingers backwards and fold my tongue...

Ethan Slade


My name is Ethan Slade and my favorite beat in newspaper is A&E. I joined to get my thoughts out to the school. I’m a senior. I play guitar, I love the arts, I love the band Metallica, and Green day. If I could describe myself...

Tae Spielvogel


I joined Newspaper because one of the careers I’ve been interested in being a sports broadcaster or journalist. I am a junior at Herriman, I like most kinds of sports and hanging out with my friends. If I had to use one word...

McQuarrie Thacker


I joined because i thought it would be cool to be in the newspaper and it seems like a lot of fun to learn a new skill and get more involved with the school. Positive 11 I like to bike long distances, not mountain biking because...

Emma Lam

Lead Graphic Designer, Assistant Editor

I’m a junior and unsurprisingly I love doing graphics and writing in News, I joined because I want to make sure that the student body is aware of all the pressing issues that involve them and their future. I love anything nerdy,...

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