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A fettucini alfredo and east coast loving girl with a eccentric family, Ashley Ricks, the immortal goddess. Ashley was born in West Valley Utah, yet spent most of her life living on the east coast in various states, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. She moved back to Utah when she was 12. Now, to the exciting part of Ashley’s life, her family. Ashley has 1 blood sister and 2 half brothers. But that’s not where it gets interesting.

Ashley also has some unique relatives. Her Grandma Jane, is her half brother’s mom’s 2nd ex husband’s mom. When Ashley was young, her older siblings and her, visited their Grandma Jane’s house. Grandma Jane made her brothers do chores, such as, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, while she and her sister, ate cookies and watched tv.

She also has her Grandpa Bill, who is her mom’s dad’s 2nd ex wife’s boyfriend. With her Grandpa Bill, she has a really funny story. When Ashley was 12, her Grandma Ricks (dad’s mom), passed away. At her viewing, Grandma Ricks’s little sister, was hugged by Grandpa Bill. Grandpa Bill didn’t know her and according to Ashley, “wasn’t even supposed to be there”.

Ashley thinks this is why she is weird.

Ashley Ricks, Staff Writer

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