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Burke Riding is a 16 year old junior at Herriman High. He has 2 younger brothers, one that is 11 years old and the other is 13 years old. Born in Sandy, Utah, him and his family moved to the Herriman/Riverton area. Although, he isn’t sure if he officially lives in Herriman or in Riverton.

The schools Burke has gone to are Riverton Elementary School, Oquirrh Hills Middle School, and finally Herriman High School. At Herriman High, he takes four AP classes; Calc, Gov, Lit, and Bio. Burke also takes accounting, and wants to have a job as a Certified Public Accountant.

Travelling, reading, swimming, and gardening, are a few of Burke’s hobbies. While travelling, he prefers beaches. He enjoys the warm weather that accompanies them, and likes to swim in the ocean. Nonfiction is Burke’s favorite book genre, and his favorite book is called Travel Logs.

Burke’s favorite hobby is gardening. Gardening was something that he grew up doing with his family. April is when he begins to prepare the garden, but unfortunately that is the same time as the AP test, so he ends up doing most of the prep work in May. During the summer is when he maintains the garden by weeding and watering, and in fall is when he harvests the results of the garden. While he mainly gardens fruit trees such as peaches and nectarines, he also grows vegetables and berries.

Burke Riding, Feature Editor

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