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Nathan Bracken
An athlete. A writer. A entrepreneur. These are all words used to describe Nathan T. Bracken, CEO of Bracken Brothers Lawn Care, Captain of Herriman High Schools cross country team, varsity cross country and track and field athlete, and staff writer for the respected and renowned HHS school newspaper, The Telegraph.

Studious and disciplined, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, who he affectionately calls “his little amigos.”

“It hasn’t been a walk in the park,” lamented Nathan, when asked on how he became the successful person he is today. “I had to learn to fight, to be better than the rest, and to want it more than all those other guys, but I did it.”

Nathan enjoys writing editorials, because it gives him a chance to voice his opinion and “fight injustice.” His favorite piece of writing, “Escaping the Friend Zone” unveils the cruelty and pain of the Friend Zone, which he has experienced himself. “I wanted to give all my homies out there a way out [of the Friend Zone], which of course, I had to find, but I did it.”

Nathan created his lawn care business, Bracken Brothers Lawn Care, which is a branch of Nathan Industries, to serve the needs of his neighborhood when it comes to yard work. “I will not report figures, but let me just say we made bank this summer.” remarked Nathan, on his successful first summer as CEO of his business.

“My goal to life is be yourself. I used to care what the haters had to say, and then I thought to myself, is that what I want?” said Nathan. “I finally just decided to enjoy life, and it’s paid off.”

Nathan Bracken, Staff Writer

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