Laughter Filling the Halls of Herriman High

How the improv team is making a great start to their year

September 3, 2020

HERRIMAN– Auditions are always hard, and being in front of a crowd of faces trying to prove that you belong can be daunting. But not to these students. Jokes come naturally as students from all over the school try out to join the improv team.

Different aspects of the audition had contestants take on strange characters, acting out a certain role, or running with a random prompt. This had many laughing as their friends tried to act out a microwave or Alexander Hamilton. Overall, it’s a really refreshing cast of personalities to bring some joy to the stressful year that is 2020. 

Junior Student Co-Captain Brie Schlenz says, “We really want to get people excited about improv, because it’s very similar to the theater but it helps with social skills and learning how to communicate with others without the pressure of ‘am I getting it right.’” 

There is also an Improv Club that doesn’t require anyone to be a part of the official team, where you can still participate in exciting get-togethers. And if you ever have some free time and want to get involved at the school, contact the improv team Instagram or talk to the drama department!

There is so much potential from this year’s improv team candidates and I personally enjoyed my time hearing fun jokes and ecstatic performances. And you will to, so go out and see them whenever you can!

Schlenz’s last message was, “Get excited, it’s going to be a really great year.”

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