The Official News Publication of Herriman High School

The Herriman Telegraph

The Official News Publication of Herriman High School

The Herriman Telegraph

Joining The Staff



Telling the news is an important part of life, it’s how you learn about the world at large or the neighborhood activities, and that’s why having new members join is so important to keep the spirit of journalism alive. If you want to take part in Herriman Highschool’s student newspaper be sure to contact us–if you have no experience or skills in journalism that’s not a problem! We train staff members the necessary skills on the spot and we have a journalism class if you want to dip your toes in the water. If you’re skipping the line from Journalism and going straight into Newspaper there is a form you should turn in to Mr. Campbell in room 2406

Telegraph Application: Staff roles and descriptions are listed on the application. 


Journalism – (Semester Class)

Our Advisor, Mr. Mckay Campbell, offers a journalism course! While it is not required to join Newspaper, it’s highly recommended so that you can get a feel of how to write articles and first learn what makes good journalistic writing and the different medias you can explore. 

This class is taught during ___ period and counts towards either an elective or English credit. The course is available to add to your schedule via skyward during Arena.

Newspaper – (Full Year Class)

Newspaper is NOT a club, instead it a class held during ___ period. It counts towards an elective credit OR an English Credit during your senior year.

This class requires prior permission to join, you’ll have to get the approval of both Advisor and your HHS Counselor to get the class on your schedule.

Website for Counselors:

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