Herriman Goes Online Until Thanksgiving Break

November 11, 2020

HERRIMAN — In an emergency board meeting on November 11th, 2020 it was decided in a unanimous vote of 7-0 that Herriman High School would have a waiver day starting on the following day (Thursday) in which students DO NOT ATTEND SCHOOL, and a virtual day on Friday. 

Board Member Tracy J. Miller began saying, “Herriman High is well over the 1%…active cases on the dashboard and, again, just a very high number of students on quarantine and high absentee rate…In talking to the principal and administration of Herriman High and their numbers are so high that they would favor starting tomorrow going virtual.” 

From there, Herriman High will be going virtual starting Monday, November 16th, and will not be returning to in-school teaching until after Thanksgiving break. 

In regards to JATC, The recommendation is that they go virtual as much as possible, this is with the understanding that certain classes need to be in person. If the board chooses for students not to participate fully they want to ensure that at least they’ll be able to participate when certification hangs in the balance. 

The administrators will make the final decision on whether or not it is absolutely necessary for students to be in-person for JATC is safe enough to attend. However, the THURSDAY AND FRIDAY WILL REMAIN AS NORMAL.

ADDENDUM 11/11/20 8:25 PM

Waiver days are as our own Editor-in-Chief, Annie Hyink says, “There is essentially no school online or in person. Like a snow day but just without the snow.”

LUNCHES — Waiver days and Virtual days will still have free lunches that are available for students and parents to pick up at school via curbside. This goes continues through the virtual education switch that lunches will be served via curbside. 

ACT TESTS TO SOPHOMORES — Please refer to Herriman High School for updates regarding the PreACT tests, the school board decided it would be left to the administration to decide when to conduct the tests.

DRIVERS ED — Will be determined by the Herriman High School administration.

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