Farewell Mr. Cox, What’s Left of Yearbook

January 20, 2021

It isn’t any surprise that Mr. Brent Cox is leaving Herriman High to start a new career working for the State Board of Education, in fact, the poster on the 1300 hall has been announcing every passing day of his departure. 

I had the honor of interviewing him before he left about where he was going and what his plan was for the future.

Why are you leaving

The challenge in life is always trying to listen to the promptings that you receive; whether you get that from the universe or from God. I do believe that at times in your life you are pulled or pushed in different directions, the sooner you can learn to go with that then the further along you get in life and the happier and the more challenge you have. 

So with this, normally when I see emails from the state office I delete them, I’ve deleted them for 20 years. There was a job opening about five months ago, one came through my inbox and I didn’t delete it and it kept pulling me to interview for this position. I thought I may as well. I honestly didn’t think I would get the job, right? There are literally many many fantastic people that could do this job and I thought why not? It would be a good resume building thing and it would clean out my resume and have a story about interviewing and about being turned down to share with my students. And then they ask me back for a second interview and I was like shoot but I continue to feel drawn towards this particular job. I decided to jump all in and prep hard and thought why not let’s just go for it. I do feel that I don’t know all the answers but I know that this is where God wants me to move for the next part of my life. 

What is the new title for your job?

CTE education specialist.

What are your hopes for Yearbook after you leave

That actually exists, it’s a hard year to create and I’ve been amazed by the things that have taken place and I know it’s gonna be difficult to push this train uphill to finish it. That’s what I hope happens. 

Are you ever planning on coming back?

The nice thing is that the program I oversee at the state is woodshops, auto shops and technology student associations. So, I will be visiting the woodshop and auto shops at least once a year to chat and see how things are with how the state can support, purge, and challenge. When the yearbook wraps up and does final submissions I will come back and buy everyone pizza

Do you have any advice to share? 

Don’t spend too much time in the comfort zone, so you can get really good at something and become very comfortable about it that is not what this life is about it’s about exploring and growing and you only do that when you’re uncomfortable so find something that challenges you and even if it’s as simple as talking to new people or trying new foods or as difficult as starting a new job. Be uncomfortable. 

I thank Mr. Brent Cox for the service and aid he’s given to everyone in the school, it has been a pleasure to learn under his supervision about both digital media and life. I speak for everyone when I say BEST OF LUCK TO MR. COX and please visit soon because we’re already missing you. 

Emma Lam
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