Utah’s haunted houses fright

October is the time of the year where the dead come to life. It’s the time for people to get scared and pay to get scared.

To some people haunted houses are the best thing of the year and to others say it is a thing out of a nightmare.

Utah has one of the scariest haunted houses in the United States. According to hauntedhouseratings.com, Nightmare on 13th, located in Salt Lake City, is the scariest haunted house in Utah, being a 10/10.

On the list of the top 31 scariest haunted houses in the United States, Nightmare on 13th lands at #19.

Nightmare on 13th is based with different scary movies and TV shows for each one of their rooms. They have different themes throughout the entire haunted house.

It’s very nicely spread out with actors to scare you. There are hands on and hands off, meaning the actors can touch you. The only downfall is that it is literally 100 degrees in there.

Asylum 49, located in Tooele is #2 in Utah’s ranking, being 9/10.

You can be separated from your group, touched, strapped to a medical bed, bags over your head, put in closets, etc..

The haunted hospital is open three hours on weekdays and five hours on weekends. The best part is you can be stuck in there for the five hour time period. Don’t have a ride waiting for you, you won’t ever come out!

The Haunted Circus is #9 of the top ten in the state. It has been rated 7/10. The best time to go to the Haunted Circus is during the weekdays because there aren’t any lines. Nobody is there, so you get more scared. That is honestly what made it more creepy because you are basically alone walking throughout the whole house.

Go to as many haunted houses as you can next year, 2016. Remember go to the bathroom before you go in, or you just might be a mess when you get out!