License no longer required to teach in Utah

Lawmakers decided on no longer requiring teachers in Utah to hold a teaching license. This decision has sparked many conversations among Utah households, and was put into effect on August 7, 2016 . The necessity for this decision stemmed from the population explosion currently happening in the public school system. There are barely enough teachers to effectively teach the growing student population.

The solution, provided by the Utah State Board of Education, is to have more lenient regulations regarding the application process to become a teacher. The primary goal pertaining to this change is to get more experts in the classroom. Now, becoming a teacher requires a bachelor’s degree or higher, passing the required test for teacher certification, completing an educator ethics review, submitting college transcripts, and passing a background check. The benefits of this change allow for personal experience to teach alongside written standards to create a well rounded curriculum. It can link students to careers through people with experience in those fields. They’ll be able to fill the immediate need of teaching jobs that have been emptied because of the lack of salary and workplace compensation benefits. Teachers will be motivated to stay longer than five  years in the field. Just as there are benefits, this issue has its fair share of downfalls. Many individuals believe that teaching tactics are just as important as knowledge. A world renowned chemist may not be able to express their knowledge in an efficient manner to educate a classroom of 40  thirteen-year-olds. Students require a teacher who can instruct them effectively with real-world examples, and can translate the material into comprehensible standards for students to understand and apply to their lives.