Building camaraderie between students and faculty on campus

Causes and consequences of misbehavior in high school

Kade Brooks, Writer

You can find students at Herriman High getting themselves in trouble almost every day. In order to figure out what makes faculty members frustrated with students, we hit the hallways to find solutions for students on campus to avoid future problems.

In an interview with Vice Principal, Mr. Hudnall, it’s evident he relates well with students. Building connections with students and understanding where they are coming from especially when it comes down to them being in trouble is one of his strong suits. Mr. Hudnall went on to say that a lot of students find themselves in trouble “…because they aren’t thinking through things. Instead, they are living in the moment and not thinking about the consequences.” He listens to students when they tell him that there is no reasoning behind what they did because he understands that teenager’s brains are continuing to develop.

Students know when they are doing something wrong, but they tend not to think twice about it. Mr. Hudnall views this as the main problem. As students, stopping and think more often to realize what we are doing and in what way can help ourselves out. On our campus, one of the biggest issues and continual problems that Mr. Hudnall sees and deals with is vaping. Faculty members are cracking down on it and trying to stop everyone that is vaping on school property.

In terms of consequences, he notes that suspension is a recurring action as well as expulsion from school. However, he comments that it is very rare for students to get kicked out of school. The long-term outcome of this is not a severe punishment, rather a personal comradery between students and faculty. “After I meet a student for a good or bad reason, I like to build a relationship between them and say hi to them in the halls,” Mr. Hudnall encourages. Faculty members are here to help you as well as keep you safe.