Undercover SBOs

An inside look on what Herriman student body officers are doing during and after school that students don’t know about

Thanksgiving break ends and the dreadful return awaits. As students enter HHS every inch of the school is adorned with holiday decorations, even our Mustang statue is in the spirit with snowflakes hanging off its hooves…” The student body officers spend countless hours not only honing their inner interior decorator skills but to help make a positive impact on the school and all of the students who go here.

Our SBOs are so devoted to this school, so much to the extent that students don’t see how much work they are really put in every day. and I think there is so much that students don‘t get to see. SBOs are strictly focused on helping students, and doing everything they can to make our high school experience the best it can be. When speaking with Sydney Reading and Abbey King, about their experiences of being a Student Body Officer at Herriman High it was evident how intact they are within our school. They are all in for helping cleaning and looking after students, and making sure they have the best experience they can in high school. 

The Student Body Officer role closely correlates with having a full-time job: before and after school they are putting in overtime hours to try and help their fellow classmates. Everything they do results in what students are seeing and what they relate to within school. As Abbey King says, “student government is very student-run”. This means that these students rely heavily on each other to accomplish their goals and make things happen. They base it off of their knowledge as a student to know what their classmates would be interested in. The student body officers also feel like there is a great deal of pressure that comes with picking and choosing what they should do for certain events. They go through so much work putting things together as in assemblies school dances and pretty much all in school and afterschool activities. We should draw our eyes towards what they are doing for our school, and appreciate them for what they do.  

Our SBO’s work very hard to make sure all the students are satisfied with what is provided by the Student body. They focus on likes and dislikes and shoot for the best. With the heavy load the title bears, it does find the officers with the challenge of being able to do things after school and manage their time with anything besides school. 

As Sydney Reading would say, “school is like my first home and home feels like second.”  That’s not going to say that they don’t love what they are doing for the school. They love to see the outcomes for everything they invest their time in and in the end they get a different type of satisfaction that not a lot of other students feel with activities that go on for the school. Students don’t really get to see the overtime and work and pressure that they go through. They will always be the first ones to an event to set it up and the last ones to clean it. 

Next time you see an SBO make sure to show your appreciation through a simply thanks in passing or high five in the hallway for all they do. We wouldn’t have the best school out there if it wasn’t for them!