Digging a Little Deeper

Getting to know the people of Herriman High

In today’s world it is very easy to avoid unwanted social interactions. One simply has to put in their headphones or glance down at the phone that’s most likely already in their hand. This makes it difficult to get to know one another, especially other classmates. However, it is very important that as a student body, we get to know and look out for one another, which creates a more united and stronger environment. And it’s not just the students, but the teachers, counselors, office workers, and every staff member that creates a united school. 

One of the most important things one can be taught is to be kind above all else. Sometimes being nice can be difficult, especially when someone has not done the same to you, but make an effort. Smile at the kids you pass in the hallway, ask the person you sit next to how they are doing, say thank you to your teachers, and whatever else you can do. If we all try our best to be kind, our school can become a much more welcome and united environment. 

Each of us has our own stories, but really getting to know someones can be shocking. Many people tend to hide the big, life-changing events that occur, especially in high school. You never know who recently lost a loved one, who has to listen to their parents fighting every night, who’s dealing with an illness or any number of things that could be happening. We tend to only let people see a slim part of us, even those we are closest to, but letting people in and reaching out and trying to get to know one another, can make so many things easier. 

As a school, we need to be kind and get to know each other. This can help create a more united and welcome environment for all of us, which is important because all of us should feel safe and welcomed when school is the place that we spend most of our time.