Never Underestimate the Influence of Being United

The meaning and effect of coming together as one

The true meaning of being united has many impacts on people. The word united can have many hidden meanings along with changing the way people may feel or act.  It means to join together as allies. This can be incorporated in school, family, friends, sports, and even where you work. Sometimes it is not easy to get along with everyone you are surrounded by and it can impact your mood, but the feeling of being united can overpower negative emotions. What does it mean to be united and how can we incorporate it into our everyday lives?

Being apart of a team can give you a community environment that can develop into a family of success. Nothing can beat the feeling of winning the biggest championship with a group of people linked together by a common goal. That objective can bring people together and build them up with the motivation to help each other. J.K. Rowling said it herself, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” While being divided can tear people down and make things hard, the more we decide to come together, the stronger and more unstoppable you become. It ties everyone together and shows that the people surrounding you everyday have your back no matter what. The more united a team becomes the harder it is to break them down, which applies to all sports. Being a teammate while building on this idea of being united means that you bring others up, include everyone, and try to get along with everyone and focus on what you need to do to help your team succeed.

As a high school, having unity can make the whole experience more positive. Although your high school experience may feel long, it is a short and very impactful time of life, and we should make the best of it. Uniting your school can mean joining the student section at sports games or volunteering in Hearts Of Gold. It can also be composed of small, simple actions including smiling, saying hello to others, sitting with someone who is alone, or talking to someone new. As a school coming together, for one thing, makes a big difference in individual’s lives. At sporting events or in clubs we all come together for that one idea, that thing that makes students feel more included and makes it easier for them and relieve the anxiety of coming to school every day. For example, here at Herriman, Hearts Of Gold is a big deal to many students, teachers, and faculty. Many students at Herriman claim that H.O.G. is one of their favorite times of the whole school year because they feel included and united. Everyone comes together to do service and raise money for other people without a thought for themselves. Serving others can turn a huge student body into a tight-knit family. 

Those around you coming together can bring better attitudes and actions, making the environment more enjoyable. Face it, life isn’t easy and no one wants to go through it alone. Using unity to build relationships even includes friends and people you don’t usually hang out with. You can not only expand your horizons, but it also will influence their life in such a healthy way. If that wasn’t motivation enough, making others happy will also make you happier as well. We can all help each other grow and learn. In your family when you have built that friendly environment, you feel more open to sharing things and you have a desire to spend more time around them. You attract the type of people you want into your life, having more of an open mindset while staying positive can bring those same people around. We all need people in our lives that are a positive influence socially to be happy. Being kind to people in your everyday life can make you a better person and bring a sense of unity to your life. 

Whether it be in or out of school we all want to have a positive atmosphere and spread goodness around. Being united can affect the way we think and act within our sports teams, clubs, school, family and friend groups. Having a sense of unity brings positive results and makes people happier and easier to work with and be around. Being joined together by not judging others, talking to new people, being open-minded, and serving others can incorporate “united” into our school this year.