Safety on the Snow

Five Tips and Tricks to Being More Careful in the Winter

For many of the new students in Herriman, this winter could be a first time driving in the snow, which could be a scary and new challenge to face. There are many possibilities of causing or being involved in an accident, such as sliding into the back of another car, or drifting into the middle of the intersection. Along with the problems, here are some solutions: 


1. One of the easiest ways to prevent an accident and the chance of being involved is to stay home and not be on the roads unless necessary. The less you are on the road, the less of a chance you have of being in an accident. 


2. Go the speed limit! If you’re traveling on slippery or slushy roads, you should reduce your speed. Speed limits are based on ideal conditions and if you are driving through heavy snow, you’re not going to be able to go as fast as you would on a clear, warm day. Allow yourself more time to get to your destination if you must drive in the snow.


3. Increase the distance between you and the surrounding vehicles. According to AAA Exchange, you should be between five to six seconds behind the car in front of you; with a chance to slide, you’ll need more stopping space. The more time between cars, the less chance of an accident.

4. Be prepared. Driving in a cold car can be distracting and hard to perform under. Start your car at least ten minutes before you leave to allow it to warm up inside the car and for the engine to warm up. This will allow for a more reactive and safe driver, also preparing the driver for bad road conditions. Leave earlier than usual to get where you need to go on time without speeding.

5. Learn how to stop. One of the number one causes of road collisions in the snow is sliding into another vehicle. If this begins to happen and you can’t stop your car, start pumping your brakes instead of holding your foot down. This allows your car to stop sooner and safer.  

Driving in the snow can be scary and dangerous, so be safe and make smart decisions on the road to prevent all possibilities of an accident.