Simple Steps To Reaching Happiness

Tips and Tricks to Becoming More Positive

With the new year of 2020 among us, many people make resolutions. A good resolution to accomplish is being more positive to have success not only this year but can be continued into the rest of your life. Being happy is a pursuit everyone around the world would like to attain. Being joyful has multiple perks not only mentally but physically as well. People tend to ask many questions about being happy, What is happiness? How do we achieve it? How can we tell someone who is happy? How does it affect us? So here are the keys to using happiness and being more confident to make you more outstanding. 

True happiness is further than just being positive, although it has a huge impact on becoming more cheerful in life. Happiness has many health effects such as living longer, stronger immune system, a healthier heart, and steady blood pressure. Researchers, scientists, and psychologists have found that happiness affects your wealth, the way you deal with problems, your social life and relationships, overall you will have a better well being. Happy people are known to be less spiteful, they are more patient, less likely to hold grudges, have better self-care, smiles and laughs, genuinely enjoy life more, and live their life with meaning and purpose. Anyone can achieve true happiness no matter their circumstances. 

Becoming happy can at first be discomforting as you go through challenges and seek to overcome them. To reach happiness focus on the good things in life such as the people around you, the food you eat, your work or school, and many other things to be thankful for. Make a gratitude journal to start and end your day writing something you are grateful for. Stop comparing yourself to others and limit the time spent on social media as most people compare themselves to what seems to be the amazing life of others. Social media distorts real life and only shows the good side of others. By limiting technology time and being grateful these are only a few of the first simple steps to being happy. 

After realizing the good things in life as you become more positive can help you realize physical possessions are not always going to make you happy. Even though the marketing world makes it seem these items are necessary to be joyful. Take some time to be a little selfish to relax and destress to make yourself happy.

Make healthy habits and follow self-care for yourself. Healthy habits add more value to each day and help give you a schedule. Getting good sleep, going outside, exercising, having a routine, washing your face, and getting off your phone are all things that will make you feel better and realize the good things in life. Realizing that you get to choose happiness and positivity can make work more enjoyable and help you make more money. Choose to be a good friend and have close relationships with others wanting the same results as you. Surrounding yourself with people that matter to you they can show you other perspectives to make life enjoyable. 


It may be easier said than done but simple steps to make yourself happy can make life more bearable while you experience true excitement in life. You get to learn, grow, become confident and become successful. Spend time with others and take care of your physical body to help your mental state as well. Taking time for yourself to relax and do what you love is essential to reaching happiness.