Snow, snow go away…who’s ready for warmer days?

Springtime activities to do this upcoming break

Now that winter break is over, everyone is starting to get sick of shoveling and salting snow. There is no doubt that the cold starts to get old and the more it continues the more you want warmer weather. So, to plan ahead, here are the ten activities to do when spring arrives to melt the snow away.

1. Hiking 

After the weather warms up, a good hike in the mountains is a good way to start off the warm weather and enjoy the mountain sun. If you want to know a more easy-going hike, go to the Bridal veil falls for a pretty and enriching hiking experience.

2.New Movies

Now that you are comfortable in your new warmer weather and ready to easily go out to the theater, promising and new exciting movies are coming out in the next 2 months. Films such as The Mulan live-action remake, No time to die, a new Wonder Woman film, and last but certainly not least Birds of Prey.

3.Good old fashion road tripping

Nothing beats going out of town to relax from work and/or school. Most locations like Bryce Canyon in St. George or the dunes of Moab would be great in-state locations for spring break vacationing. Better yet, there are many out of state locations as well like, Yellowstone national park in Wyoming, Las Vegas, Nevada, Lake Powell, or even Colorado! Nonetheless, it’s a great way to spend your spring break.

4. Getting stuff done

This may seem unappealing, but, if you have no reservations of doing anything exciting or interesting, you may want to use your spare time getting stuff done. To be more specific, doing errands, like getting caught up on school work after a tough and long 3rd quarter, or if you have a car and need to get an oil change or a getting air in your tires. There is precious time that could be spent on doing important stuff. I realize that this is very condescending coming from a high school senior that has been guilty of procrastination many many times but consider it peer to peer advice.

5. Just chill out

Finally, if you just don’t want to do anything and your parents are chill enough to let you stay in all week, just take a well-deserved rest. As previously mentioned third quarter is rough since test-taking and few breaks within two-month span are not very ideal for reducing stress in a teen lifestyle, and once the quarter ends you might just want to take a well-deserved rest before 4th quarter starts. Take some time to sleep or prepare for the end of the year and if you are a senior that rest would be very much needed.