The Controversy of Being United

An Explanation that You Don’t Have to be Relatable to be United

The ignorance that happiness can give almost everyone is blinding. You can be happy and still be able to see the hardships of the world. The key to that ability is the core solution to almost everything, acceptance. 

Nobody can really explain the pain of losing someone, because pain is relative. I could get pricked by a needle and be fine, while someone else might freak out. That person could freak out for a number of reasons, each one unique to themselves, but I can still be able to understand them. 

People could live through life just sitting there, sitting and processing like a computer. However, is it even life if you don’t feel emotions, the highs of exhilaration and the lows of exhaustion? Seeing how happiness can blind someone and how sadness can open one’s eyes so much that it crushes them, I can understand why one would want to sit there, doing nothing. It’s a reality some wish could happen. 

Emotions are roller coasters, they go upside down, backward, slow and fast. Therefore, people often don’t want to deal with them, usually the negative emotions, but sometimes even the positive ones. Like when you find out your favorite actor or actress is in town and you have the chance to see them. 

Our emotions and memories are depicted by how we react to them, who we are is depicted by how we resolve problems and how we create them as well, and you may be thinking that I’m writing complete nonsense, and I might agree, I might not. 

Fears also make who we are. Think about it, if you didn’t have your fears, you would do everything, which would make you everyone’s dream. If everyone had no fears, we would all do everything, and so no one would be special, no one would get to brag about something they did over the weekend, because someone is just planning to do the same thing the next weekend. Therefore, our fears can actually unite us. 

People can fear even nature, the idea of getting lost, the bugs, the tall trees, or people can absolutely love nature, they want to get lost, to discover all the hidden secrets that the forest beholds. Knowing this, you’d think these two kinds of people would hate each other, but the fact that they both feel so passionately about one subject, even if they are complete opposite passions. The contradiction can lead to them meeting an even middle ground where the fearful person isn’t as scared of nature, and the person who loves it isn’t as extreme about going and getting lost. 

As I said, no one can describe the pain of losing someone you love, nor can they describe the fear of one thing, or the happiness that another thing will bring them. No one can detail the true emotions that were happening in the moment. No one can explain the love they have for something or someone, but that’s what unites us all. So fear, happiness, love, emotions and memories can all unite us.