Turning Stress Into Success

Ways to Help Take The Weight of Responsibilities Off Your Shoulders


Photo Courtesy: Pexels

We are all faced with some type of stress in everyday life. There are a variety of things that can cause the strain of stress including work, school, activities, sports, even small and large decisions that need to be made. Many wonder how they are supposed to balance so many different stressors. While having a good proportion of stress can be significant, the large effects of stress can harm us mentally and physically. Finding balance can be hard but once it is attained you can feel more at ease being in control of your life. 

There are good and bad stresses with both having different effects. The good stress known as eustress can have great effects on you such as improving your immune system, boosting your mood, providing you motivation, causing adrenaline to get things done, or even improve heart and blood pressure. You feel these when you are doing something exciting or that you enjoy. 

Bad stress is called distress. This is the stress that causes terrible effects to you mentally and physically. Some consequences include trouble sleeping, lack of focus, digestive issues, high blood pressure, muscle pain, sickness, sadness, lack of motivation, anxiety, and moodiness. Being able to understand the difference can help you find the balance you need.

Many different stress relievers have been proven to help reduce stress in people’s lives. Start by making a list of responsibilities. Getting things off your mind and onto paper can free your mind of thinking too much. Many also enjoy accomplishing the jobs on the list and check them off. Taking care of your mind and body goes hand in hand. Getting enough sleep, eating good food, trying to be more positive, taking time for yourself and exercising can all calm you down and allow you to accomplish tasks.

Activities vary from person to person, but finding what works for you is crucial. Sometimes you need to be selfish and take the time to calm down, relax, and recover. Many find a relaxing activity from doing art, yoga, meditation, talking to someone, cleaning, reading, and even physical activities like running. Stress can be cured in many healthy ways so discover what works personally, this may even take trying activities you didn’t think you’d like. You cannot control every event in your life, but you can control how you respond. 

Other things to remember and apply while trying to balance all of your responsibilities are things such as staying organized, not procrastinating, managing time, setting goals and always reaching out for help when you are struggling. Life can be overwhelming so take on one thing at a time, find your stress outlet and achieve your balance.