BREAKING: Coronavirus outbreak leads to major shutdowns across the world

Many big organizations including the NBA have either postponed activities or disallowed spectators in fear of new pandemic.


Since the Coronavirus became a scare for the world, different sports leagues and schools have been in talks to either cancel all large events, not allowing fans to spectate or stopping students from coming to school.

One of the biggest events was the NBA getting suspended indefinitely after Utah Jazz center, Rudy Gobert, tested positive to Covid-19 prior to Wednesday night’s game against Oklahoma City Thunder. Sources say they will decide what to do with the league moving forward during the hiatus. Since yesterday, it has been announced that Donovan Mitchell also tested positive, and every team that has played the Jazz in the last 10 days have been advised to do self-quarantine (Cavaliers, Knicks, Celtics, Pistons, Raptors), and it’s likely that other players on Utah have also caught the disease.

Another big event has been Tom Hanks announcing on social media that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, also tested positive while in Australia filming a new movie. Murray School District also announced on Thursday that they have closed for the time being. MLS has also been postponed for the next 30 days, and we will have more information following that month. NHL is likely to follow suit, and soccer in Europe has been either all stopped or fans have been disallowed entry into the game.

In general advice, it’s best for everyone not to panic and to stay healthy. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, wash your hands for 20 seconds and do it often. Do not touch your face as it can spread disease much quicker.