Jordan School District Changes COVID-19 Policy

Last week, Jordan School District announced that they would be changing their COVID-19 policy in schools that would change the number of people who tested positive for it. Instead of the number being set at 15, it has changed to 2% of the student body at each school.

Herriman High will now have to get around 46 students to test positive for COVID-19 instead of 15, which is a major difference.

Since making the change, Jordan School District has put out a “COVID-19 Dashboard,” on the official Jordan School District website which displays every school in the district, how many students attend that school, how many students have tested positive for COVID-19, haw many students are currently in quarantine, as well as what percent of the student body tested positive.

Currently, as of October 7th, Herriman has 11 cases, 104 people in quarantine, less than 1% of the student body has tested positive, and Herriman High has the lowest number of cases out of all the high schools in the Jordan School District.

Hopefully, as a school, we can keep our numbers this low for as long as possible, but remember to take responsibility for yourself and others’ safety while inside of the school. Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and social distance when possible!