Mandalorian: Season 2 First Impressions

The first of the Star Wars trilogy is far from my favorite movies to watch. I don’t enjoy the plot and I especially don’t like the new movies that Disney has produced over recent years ever since they bought Star Wars company. Setting that aside, I absolutely love the Mandalorian and this new season which developed my passion for Star Wars in general.

The well anticipated Mandalorian season 2 dropped on Friday, October 30th, and fans are impressed with how the season has progressed over the last year. Season 2 maintains the same dialogue as the first season and does not dramatically change the character’s personalities, rather, the two main protagonists build the relationship between the Mandalorian and the asset.

This season follows the same schedule as last season, being one episode each week at the same time as the following week. This is a new feature to the streaming platforms and it was all introduced because of The Mandalorian. Fans may not like all of the episodes not dropping at once but it gains hype for new episodes and brings fans back to Disney Plus every week to watch the new season. 

Throughout the season you will see familiar faces from last season along with introducing new characters that the Mandalorian turns into new allies, at the same time, he kills off enemies.  These newly-introduced characters help form the plot of the previous season but only time will tell if they show up again in new episodes. As of the time of writing this, there have only been two episodes that have been released into the season and there is a plan to be six more episodes following the same schedule as the previous one. 

The writers at Disney have so far exceeded the expectations that fans have been looking for in this season. I am very excited to see where the writers at Disney go from here. If you have not checked out the Mandalorian season 2 I would suggest that you should stop whatever you are doing and go and watch it right now. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, like me,  I guarantee that you will love this series.