Review of Run (2020)

Here at Herriman High News we wanted to keep you guys updated on the latest movies and whether or not they are worth the watch. This week I watched the brand new movie Run on Hulu. Directed by Aneesh Chaganty; Run is a physiological thriller that has a very original story and plot. 

The movie stars Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman (Mom) and Kiera Allen as Chloe Sherman (Daughter). Kiera Allen’s character is a girl that has many medical issues and is  finishing her senior year of high school at home. She is excited to start her new journey in college. Sarah Paulson’s character is the mother, she is very loving in the beginning and seems like a very good mom. She’s taking good care of Chloe, but things turn dark very fast. Chloe learns more about her symptoms and that her mother Diane is keeping a dark secret from Chloe. Chloe soon comes to realize what her mother is doing to her and runs away.

This movie was a great movie to watch. I personally loved the idea of this movie, having a young girl that doesn’t know a lot about her problems because being homeschooled, having to be in a wheelchair, and having a lot of problems with your body is hard to deal with. But it makes Chloe mentally tough, she is a very smart girl and knows how to build and solve things. When she suspected her mom being up to something she went to go solve it. We don’t normally see the main character going through all these problems with their body but also being physically challenged to get away. I liked how you really did feel bad for her cause it was so hard for her to get away. They made the main character have more problems than they normally would in other movies. 

I really believe anyone that loses thrillers and loves to be on the edge of their seat wondering what’s going to happen; Then I highly recommend you guys go watch Run on Hulu. It’s such a good movie and it’s so exciting to watch. I loved this movie, the scenery and the way it’s filmed is awesome. It has a smooth storyline that everyone can pick up on. It’s got a great film crew that had smooth camera work, and great camera angles that really made the movie work also. I highly recommend you go watch this movie. Brand new just came out on November 20 on Hulu, I promise you’ll love it.