UFO Sighting Confirmed by Pentagon

This week there was another leaked video confirmed to be real taken by Navy personnel of an unidentified object flying (UFO) over the front of a navy destroyer in the ocean. This is one of many videos confirmed to be real by the Pentagon and these sightings have been happening for a long time now. An article from CNN says, “For years, the US government largely ignored reports of mysterious flying objects seen moving through restricted airspace but it is now slowly beginning to acknowledge that UFOs, which the pentagon refers to as unidentified aerial phenomena, are real.”

The U.S. intelligence agencies are expected to deliver a report on this subject to Congress next month, sparking interest and speculation into how our government has handled sightings of mysterious flying objects. Former Navy Pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves says pilots training over the Atlantic coast see UFOs like this every day and have been for years. So why now are people just learning about weird things happening in our airspace and why hasn’t this come up in the past? A live interview on CNN with Christopher Melon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, says we have recurring violations of US airspace by unidentified vehicles that are more capable of anything in our own inventory and we’ve had a massive intelligence failure.

On the show 60 Minutes Luis Elizondo says, “imagine a technology that can do 600-700 G forces, fly at 13,000 mph, evade radar, and can fly through the air, water and possibly space. And by the way, it has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces and yet can still defy earth’s gravity and said this is precisely what we are seeing.” So yes, the government is now telling us that these things are real and that they cannot identify them and explain a motive. A normal person can only withstand around 9 G force but after that, your heart isn’t strong enough to pump blood to your brain.