Hearts of Gold Odd Jobs

How to earn money for Hearts of Gold after school, and provide a service to your community.


Image via westjordan.utah.gov

During Hearts of Gold, one of the opportunities that students have to raise money for the Nixon Strong Foundation is to participate in an after school activity called “Odd Jobs.” Odd Jobs are exactly what they sound like. Wacky, weird, and random jobs that students do for residents living around the Herriman and South Jordan area. Students will go to neighborhoods, knock on the doors of houses, and ask if the owners have any jobs that the students can do for them for a little bit of cash to donate to Hearts of Gold.


“Most of the time we end up taking out garbage cans or pulling them in,” A Herriman High student stated, “But with snowfall coming, I’m expecting to get more shoveling jobs. But hey, you never know what the people will ask you to do.” Sometimes, houses donate to Hearts of Gold without even asking for a job to be done. 


Some teachers around the school have also been able to convince students to go by offering a cash ‘credit’ to their class that goes towards prizes. For example, if you go and participate in Odd Jobs, some teachers will give you a $10 credit for classroom prizes. Mrs. Mabunga offers these prizes, and teachers like Mr. Kammerman and Mrs. Stewart also offer prizes to buy. You could then use the credit to get a late pass, a re-do on an assignment, or skip an up-coming assignment.


Odd Jobs take place Monday through Friday after school from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm until Wednesday, December 15th, a day before Hearts of Gold’s closing assembly. In order to get into groups easier and leave on time, students are asked to assemble in the commons at 4:35. It’s free to attend, and you get the opportunity to help out Hearts of Gold and the Nixon Strong Foundation.