A Look Into Club Rush


This year’s annual Club Rush event showcased 23 clubs including four brand new clubs and the new Business Club that is a combination of DECA and FBLA. When asking club members there goals for the year one theme was common; clubs just want to have fun! All information comes from club members.

1. ASL Club

ASL club is for students who are taking Sign language class or anyone trying to learn Sign language or even people who just want to try to help the Deaf community. The advisor is ASL teacher, Ms. Bowman.


2. Astronomy

Astronomy Club is a club designed to help students interested in space learn all about the cosmos and interact with like minded individuals. The club is planning activities like arts and crafts, baking activities, writing, scavenger hunts and more. The advisor is Mr. Vongsawad and the first meeting is on November 6th. 

3. Book Club

The first meeting for Book Club was September 12, 2022 and the club decided on splitting up into 3 different groups based on genre. The groups picked were, mystery/horror/thriller, romance/realistic fiction and fantasy. The next club meeting is October 31st, 2022 and students will be discussing the books they selected. The advisor is librarian, Ms. Culletto and meetings will be held in the library.


3. Business Club

Business club, formerly FBLA and DECA, is devoted to helping future business owners and leaders create skills to guide them in their future careers. The club is planning on participating in both the FBLA and DECA competitions later this year. Students who perform well in these competitions could have the opportunity to compete in National competitions and even win scholarships. The club advisors are Mr. Kammerman, Mr. Redd, and Ms. Stewart.


4. Chess Club

Chess Club, the classic high school club. The Chess Club is a lot of fun for chess players and any students trying to make new friends and come together to meet new people. 


5. Climbing Club

The HHS Climbing Club is one of several of the new clubs at Herriman High School. The club is planning meetings every Tuesday with activities like instructional videos and discussions about climbing. Afterwards, any students who choose to participate can go together to climb at one of the several locations or gyms nearby. The advisors are Mr. Gaydosh and Mr. Vongsawad. Meetings are held in Mr. Gaydosh’s room, 1406.


6. Drama Club

Drama Club is the perfect club for the theater kids. Beloved, Ms. DeYoung is  the advisor and the club has a lot of fun members that make  every meeting a blast.  Meetings are held in the Small Theater, room 1114. The club typically plays different theater games like World’s Worst, New Choice, Bang, Inner Monologue, Dating Game, Late for Work, Hey Waiter, Party Quirks and so much more!


7. Esports

Esports is a very fun club that gathers 3 times every week to play games in the Tech Lab. On Tuesdays they play League of Legends, Mario kart, and card games like Magic the Gathering and Pokémon. On Wednesday they play Valorant, Super Smash Bros, and Brawhalla. Thursdays are for Overwatch, Rocket League, and Splatoon. The club also will compete in gaming tournaments later in the year.  The advisor is Mr. Burke in room 1152.


8. Fashion Club

Fashion Club was founded with the intention of helping students interested in fashion get together to learn and discuss fashion. They do events like making clothes, watching fashion shows, design challenges, and learning about and discussing fashion and fashion history. The advisor is Ms. Glassey and the first social was September 13th.



FCCLA, the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a national organization that does amazing work to help the community and teach members lifelong skills in the CTE category. The club has extremely competitive events in all sorts of categories. The first meeting is September 19th in the foods lab. The advisors are the CTE teachers including; Mrs. Brock, Mrs. Jimenez, Ms. Dupape, and head advisor, Mrs. Johnson.


10. FFA

FFA or Future Farmers of America is an agricultural club that plans activities to help students learn about agriculture, biology, and more. This club is a great opportunity not only for students going into agricultural careers but also any student interested in any biology or environmental related career. They have competitions in early March for participating students that are amazing for students to showcase their skills. The advisor is animal science teacher Ms. Torres  


11. GEO

GEO, short for Green Earth Organization, is a club devoted to serving and protecting the environment and encouraging students to develop responsible environmental habits. The club has held events like litter cleanups, tree plantings, fundraisers, and more. The advisor is art teacher, Mr. Baggett. Additionally, this club also periodically partners up with Mountain Ridges, Earth Club. The first meeting was September 23rd in Mr. Baggett’s room, 1416.

12. GSA

GSA, or the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (sometimes Gay-Straight Alliance) is a club for queer and cishet people to come together to socialize and break down barriers. Members often cite high depression and suicide rates as a reason for participating in the club. People often view this club as an amazing way for them to come together with their community as well as allies to feel supported. The advisor is Ms. DeYoung and their first was September 7th in the Small Theater.  

13. HOSA

HOSA, the Health Occupations Students of America, is a club designed to help future health professionals of any kind to learn necessary skills. They have competitions in mid-March and there are hundreds of categories for students to participate in. The first meeting was September 9th and there will be a subsequent Halloween social October 14th. The advisor is Mr. Egbert and meetings will be held in his room, 1518.


14. LIA

Latinos In Action is a club for Latino students and allies to interact, help Herriman High’s many Hispanic students, and participate in service activities to help the community. For one of their first events they will be doing a tree planting in unison with GEO. The advisor is social studies teacher Ms. Wilkinson.


15. M.A.D.

M.A.D. or the Make A Difference club is dedicated to doing what they can to help students with special needs and to make them feel welcome and cared about. Members will often go to school event like dances and football games to help their fellow students feel comfortable. The advisor is Ashton Garr in room 1405.

16. NHS

The National Honors Society is an excellent club for students trying to help their community. NHS does a lot of service projects that not only look great on resumes but also help give back. Last year, NHS even helped serve lunch when there was a shortage of cafeteria workers. Their first meeting will be on September 23rd in the Media Center.


17. Paleontology

This is the first year of the Paleontology Club at Herriman High School. The founder started the club with the intention of participating in archeological digs with fellow students and talking and learning about fossils. The advisor is science teacher Ms. Lord in room 1407.

18. PLT

class and a club that’s goal is to help cultivate an atmosphere of kindness and positivity around the school. The class is 7th period with Ms. Ames. Recently, PLT participated in a service project where they went to the Hope Trail and picked up litter and painted motivational rocks to place along the trail. For students who want to take the class next semester you can begin to sign up right now by speaking with your counselor.

19. Poetry Slam

This year Poetry Slam is being led by Co-Presidents Bhavika Malik and Eli Browne. The advisor is English teacher Ms. Shurtleff. The Poetry Slam team also has a wonderful coach, Sammi Walker. The team competes in poetry competitions across the state and they have regular meetings to help students workshop their poems. The club has meetings every Friday in Ms. Shurtleff’s room.

20. People of the Pacific

POP (People of the Pacific) is one of the several classes at Herriman that is also a club. The class is 4th Period with Mr. Jensen. In this class students get to learn about their history and culture alongside peers of similar backgrounds. This is the first year POP is back after a long hiatus thanks to efforts by the advisor, Mr. Jensen and President, Melosi Brown.

21. Powderpuff

Powderpuff is a girl’s flag football tournament. This year the Powderpuff Club Rush table was run by the HHS SBOs. The competition is September 20th-23rd. For any questions or applications, contact the SBO advisors, Ms. Williams or Ms. Bowman.

23. Spanish Club

The main goal of the Spanish club is to allow Spanish speakers and learners to come together and learn. Spanish is an extremely helpful language to learn and multiple members cited wanting to connect with Latino students as a reason for joining. Additionally, being able to speak and interact with people in the language you’re trying to learn is extremely beneficial.