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The Haunted Paper Mill

Peeking behind the legend.
Cassie Goff

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS- The Old Mill in Big Cottonwood Canyon is speculated to be one of the most haunted places in Utah. It is the home to many tragic events, ranging from the Ceartaker suicides to satanic rituals.

The mill was built between 1881-1884. Later, Philander and Leander Butler, the owners of Granite Paper Mills Company took ownership of the building in October of 1882.. 

Nathan H. Stakers supervised the building during its time with the Bulter brothers. He was also present when the building burst into flames on April Fool’s Day (1893). After the fire all that was left of the building was burnt walls and rubble for almost thirty-four years.  Eventually, it was renovated into an Old Mill Club, by J.B. Walker.

Unfortunately, the tragic fire was not the only inexplicable event that occurred at the mill. Allegedly, two men and their dogs were caught in a spontaneous fire that killed them all. And, a  watchman committed suicide in front of his wife for r unknown reasons. Another watchman awoke to the sound of burning houses down the street. Thankfully, only one of the workers was injured. 

Nowadays, the general creepy atmosphere of the mill and reported sitings of a screaming woman, make the mill a fixture in local lore. Many people walking past the mill have reported flickering lights inside the building though its electricity has been cut off for years. Although most of the lore surrounding the mill has been debated due to its

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