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A Spooky Night at Capitol Theatre

Ballet West brings Halloween to Salt Lake in a bone-chilling presentation of Dracula
Two women dressed in white hold the hands of Dracula dressed in all black
Ballet West
Two women dressed in white hold the hands of Dracula dressed in all black

SALT LAKE CITY– Ballet West premiered Dracula from October 20–28 at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City. The Ballet West website describes the show as “mysterious and spooky, powerful and dramatic.” During the evening performance on October 28th, the audience was stunned by the artistry and technique of the company, the group of dancers performing, and their incredible talent throughout the show. The entire production, from the sets and costumes to the lovely orchestra and incredible pyrotechnics, made for the perfect spooky evening.

The ballet opened with the ominous and powerful music composed by Frank Listz. Dracula, danced by Adrian Fry, is then seen descending from his dark and smokey castle. Soon after, he is joined by a corps de ballet, a large group of ballet dancers that perform together. The core consists of the girls that Dracula has taken for his “brides” and drained of their blood. Towards the end of the act, Dracula’s humorous assistant, danced by Hadriel Diniz, brings him a new bride. Flora, danced by Emily Adams, becomes Dracula’s new bride for him and his other brides to feast on. 

After a brief intermission, the second act of the ballet opened in a peaceful European town that is home to the ballet’s heroine. Jenna Rae Herrara performs as Svetlana, the young heroine celebrating her 18th birthday with her town, family, and new fiance. The celebrations included lively dancing with the corps de ballet and were followed by a beautiful pas de deux, two dancers dancing together, by Svetlana and her fiance. The act is closed by Dracula and his new bride, Flora, coming to take Svetlana away to be his last bride. Jenna’s lively smile, incredible acting, and flawless technique awed the audience throughout the scene.

Followed by another brief intermission, the third act opens similarly to the first, with all of Dracula’s brides dancing in what looks to be his chambers. The brides are soon joined by Dracula and his second bride-to-be, who seems more resistant to the vampire’s magic. Just as Dracula is about to drink the life out of Svetlana, Fredrick, along with other townspeople, arrives to save his love. After a long struggle and countless close calls, Fredrick opens the curtains, and, in an explosion of fireworks onstage, Dracula is killed and Sventlana is saved.

As a dancer myself, I was incredibly impressed by the performance presented by Ballet West. From the costumes, lighting, sets, orchestra, and dancers the ballet had my attention for the full hour and a half. The technique and precision of the company made for a breathtaking performance. One dancer who caught my eye was Rylee Rogers. While she didn’t perform in principal roles she looked beautiful in her roles as a bride and bar maiden. Rylee’s technique and incredible arabesques captured my attention whenever she was on the stage. Someone also brought comedic relief to the dark and brooding ballet with his fidgety and jumpy character. His incredible acting and jumps amazed the audience; his technique was beyond comparison.

This ballet is the perfect addition to your spooky Halloween season. With the company’s impeccable technique and lively performance, Ballet West presented me with the best rendition of Ben Stevenson’s Dracula that I have ever seen. It is a must-see for the families of Salt Lake City.

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