Movie vs. Reality

Hannah Porter, Staff Writer

Many people connect high school with films like High School Musical, 10 Things I Hate About You, A Cinderella Story, and more. Its known that drama and close-knit groups or cliques can exist, but the movies have portrayed it as the only important thing.


According to these films, high school is broken down this way: The artsy group, the jocks, the band geeks, the brainiacs, the rebels, and the Queen B and her Wannabees. The school acts as though it is illegal to associate with any other group.


That isn’t the case here, at Herriman High. Now here’s a few examples of how high school in the movies is nothing like real life.


The Queen B (and her Wannabees)

Movies: There is that one girl that every guy in the school wants to date and every girl wants to be. She’s popular beyond belief and even has her own groupies.


She and her crew make it their goal in life, other than becoming Prom Queen, to ruin the “less fortunate” in the school.


Reality: There is no Queen B tormenting everyone in the school. There are no Wannabees or Queen B’s. Everyone has their own unique qualities and personalities, making everyone different. No one is superior or above anyone else.


Cliques (jocks, nerds, band geeks, goths, etc.)

Movies: There are distinct roles that everyone plays. There are the jocks who only date cheerleaders. The nerds who love to stay after school and do math.


The goths who like to listen to punk rock and talk about how bad their lives are. They all have separate tables they sit at and then they ignore each other the best they can.


If there is interaction, its mostly because there is a “war” they need to take care of. The issue with boundaries and crossing them is a huge thing.


Reality: Everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter whether you are into Taylor Swift or Bon Jovi, math or English, sports or theatre, we are equal. Everyone is able to choose their own friends and who they hang out with, and also what they participate in.


High school has a lot of diversity, which films don’t always portray. A mixture of personalities and people that roam these halls, and that is an amazing thing. Most would believe that high school is a clique thing, but once you get here, it’s great and full of opportunities.