Fall date ideas

Fall is the time for new beginnings. Summer is over and the cool, crisp air is settling in. Summer romances may be over, so it’s time for some new dates with new people.

Utah is a pretty magnificent place during the fall with so much to do with dates and friends. So get off the couch, take a break from Netflix–it’s time to go enjoy what this beautiful state has to offer. Here are some ideas for a fun fall time!

According to Things2toDoinUtah.com:
1.Go hiking
2. Have a movie marathon- don’t forget the popcorn!
3. Tour Wheeler Historic Farm
4. Star gaze
5. Visit a pumpkin patch
6. Roller Skating
7. Visit a museum- Dinosaur Museum, Natural History Museum
8. Rock climbing
9 Go to a trampoline park- Airborne or Jump on it
10. Ghost tours in Salt Lake City
11. Four wheeling
12. Lagoon

1. Write your fall bucket list
2. Go to a corn maze
3. Go to football game. Go support our Mustangs!
4. Sunrise or Sunset date
5. Service project. Help out someone in need
6. Ziplining in Park City