College football teams battle for the playoffs

College Football Teams Battle for the Playoffs

As we near the end of the college football season, the playoff picture begins to solidify. The selection committee’s previous top four are as follows:

  1. Clemson 11-0
  2. Alabama 10-1
  3. Ohio State 10-1
  4. Notre Dame 10-1

The new rankings will be released tonight. After undefeated Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Houston lost, the rankings will receive a big shake up.

The only remaining undefeateds are No.1 Clemson and No.5 Iowa, who should move up in the rankings.

The many criticisms of the rankings range from a lack of respect for undefeateds to a general disrespect of the Big 12.

After a dismal week 11 showing for the PAC-12, they lost their presence in the top 10. Many have counted the the conference out.

However, it is a bit soon. Stanford could knock off Notre Dame Thanksgiving weekend. If they won the PAC-12, they would be in need of some help.

Florida could provide it. The SEC east champs have faltered recently. If they lose to FSU and beat Alabama, the SEC Champion could be left out.

OU essentially eliminated Baylor Saturday. With Oklahoma State falling to Baylor, the Big 12 is at risk of being left out again.

OU though is on the rise and could make it in as a one loss team if the right dominos fall.

Michigan State beat undefeated by a score of 17-14. With a win against Penn State, the clinch the Big Ten East.

Clemson is the only undefeated left in the ACC. If all continues they will play a one loss North Carolina team.

If MSU loses, the winner of the OSU Michigan game will play Iowa for the conference championship instead of the spartans.

If the Tar Heels win the ACC, they will be in the hands of the committee, who aren’t too keen of their loss to South Carolina.