Lady Mustangs play for Cadee

The Lady Mustangs basketball season is upon us and everybody is getting excited. They are supposed to do really well this year, and are just a few games in.

All the players agree that the most exciting part is the competition and the energy they get from playing the game.

“My favorite thing about basketball is how competitive it can get. I love that you can’t expect an outcome. You can’t expect to win or lose because anything can happen in the game,” Milee Enger, a sophomore on the Lady Mustangs varsity basketball team, said.

Unfortunately, the Lady Mustangs began their season after dealing with tragedy, the loss of Cadee Conner. Sophomore coach Jen Samples had this to say about the loss of a teammate this year.

“Losing a teammate is always difficult and it has been for our team. However, the kids on our team are amazing and they have taken the loss and used it to motivate themselves and give their best effort as they play for Cadee and take their game to the next level.”

The varsity coach Jill Ames also had something similar to say about the situation.

“The loss of Cadee has been very difficult for the players and coaches to deal with, but it has also brought our team together in a way that I really can’t describe. I’ve been impressed by how resilient the players have been as they’ve begun the season and supported each other through the roller coaster of emotions we have all been experiencing. The team decided to put playforcadee instead of their individual names on their shooter shirts this year.”

When asked how the passing of a teammate has affected their team and upcoming season, Enger said, “It’s weird not having Cadee there. It was weird not seeing her at tryouts. Every game we have played for Cadee and #32 [is] written on our whiteboard. We play for ourselves, our team, and for Cadee. It’s brought us closer together.”
The mustangs have chosen to take a difficult situation and used it to bring them together and inspired them to do even more this season.

Most players started playing for Junior Jazz in elementary school, and rose to the Mustangs basketball team from there. Their parents are what got them started and have supported them at their games.

“My favorite thing about coaching basketball is the opportunity I have to help and teach kids to not only be great basketball players but good people. I also just love the game of basketball and helping kids perfect their skills is extremely rewarding as they realize their potential,” Samples said.

Everyone works together and gets things done through great teamwork.

“We have some great chemistry on our team and I’m excited to see how it affects our play this season. Our team is friends even outside of basketball now, when in past years they only talk during basketball,” Macy Markus (‘10) said.

The Lady Mustangs basketball team is supposed to take 5th in our region, and they are wanting to shock everyone and show them what the Mustangs can do.

Right now they are in preseason. Their last preseason game will be on Dec.30.

The first official season game will be held on Jan. 5, 2016, and it is home vs. Westlake. The season lasts until the last week of February, when the state championships are held.

Herriman High School is so excited to see what these Lady Mustangs accomplish this season. Go out and support your fellow mustangs!