Counseling Center Mural

Have you noticed the huge blank wall in the Counseling Center? Its immaculate, untouched surface is just begging to be filled with artistic creativity. Luckily, students here at HHS are going to do just that.

Near the end of summer vacation, Sabrina Lin (11th grade) and Brooks Jones (12th grade) were asked by art teacher Janet Fotu to work on a mural in the counseling office. Together, they accepted the project. Instead of painting on an 8” x 10” canvas, their workspace will be an entire wall. Both students are talented artists who have the same AP Drawing class.

These students aren’t lacking experience with painting and drawing. Jones assisted with a mural of an eagle at Eastlake Elementary school in sixth grade, and Lin painted the picture of Fort Herriman Middle School that is hung up in the FHMS Main Office. They enjoy drawing and painting and have developed their hobbies into something that will benefit others.

Even though they aren’t getting a grade for this, both students still see it as a fun project to improve their abilities. They are excited to work on this project. Before starting, they had several meetings with the counselors to make sure that they are approved to go ahead.

The theme they are planning their mural around is “Graduation”. As you walk into the Counseling Center and see the mural, they want a feeling of hope to graduate to flood over you. When you lay your eyes on their finished project, a combined effort of two talented students, you’ll be filled with determination. Besides it being a work of art, Lin and Jones want this mural to be seen as academic.

They have had many designs and concepts for the mural, and one of their most consistent ideas is to have a glow-in-the-dark Mustang. Whether you’re a sophomore, junior or senior, seeing their mural will leave you brimming with school spirit.

Jones and Lin are going to work on the mural during MAP, AP Drawing and holiday breaks. Although both of their schedules are hectic, they’ll share the responsibility and get this project done together. Because of time constraints and paint needing to dry, they are going to work on the mural in layers. They have already started and plan to be done by Christmas break.

Stop by the Counseling Center to watch the mural progress!