Marching Band

Balanced atop a bright orange ladder, Mr. Larsen evaluates the marching band performing below, pushing it to be the best it can be. The band in its entirety is made up of brass, woodwinds, drumline, front ensemble and color guard, with student conductors, called drum majors, directing the entire thing. Despite being a 2A band from a 5A school due to its small size, the band packs quite the punch.

Their most recent competition was in Nebo. According to Drum Major Ashlyn Clark, they had great success. Band received visual caption, guard caption and percussion caption, meaning they won the most outstanding performance in those areas of 2A. But their excellence didn’t stop there: band brought home an overall 1st place in their category.

As with any sport, marching band is extremely technical. Practices are held three days a week for three hours each time in order to achieve mastery. However, according to Clark, one thing that really sets band apart is that, “…it’s a sport where no one sits on the sideline. Everyone is involved.” All members must stay in designated formations, march in different ways, hold their instrument in a certain position, and play with accuracy, proper volume and unison.

Drum major Peter Ovard remarked that this year’s show, The Twilight Zone, is divided into three sections called movements. A full run-through takes about seven to eight minutes, and no breaks are given. The band must keep up their stamina, precision, and focus for the entire time.

With a few more competitions left until the end of the season on Oct. 30, band hopes to continue to achieve great things through their hard work and talent.