Herriman welcomes 18 new teachers and Officer Archie

This year Herriman  welcomed 18 new teachers in a variety of different departments. One of those fresh faces includes the  new school resource officer Cynthia Archuleta, or as she likes to be known: Officer Archie.

“I have over 15 ½ years of law enforcement experience,” says Archuleta. “Along the way throughout my career I’ve done a lot of different things. I’ve been a detective on numerous occasions in Kearns and the Magna area, I’ve been a Narcotics officer, a Narcotics Detective, and even did some undercover stuff.” After years of working in different positions, Archuleta decided the next thing in her career she’d like to do is to work with youth.

“I’ve had the opportunity to do some awesome things in my career, but this has by far probably been one of the most rewarding things,” Archuleta says. “You guys are our future and I can’t think of a better place to be to try to mentor, be a good example, and help you guys on the path to success to be contributing members of society,”  Officer Archie says, expressing how much she loves working with youth.

Right now there have been a lot of issues in the media regarding police officers and the struggles they deal with every day. “It isn’t the respected position it once used to be. A career in law enforcement right now is a super tough place to be.” Officer Archie continues by saying how officer’s main goal is to serve. They put on their badge every morning, walk out that door, go to work, and ask what can they do to serve those they work for.

We are so lucky to have Officer Archuleta here with us at Herriman High to not only protect us, but to act as an example and a hero.