Portable Article

Colossal student growth has caused Herriman High School to add six portable classrooms. They may have been fun in elementary school, but by now their impracticality has gotten to  students. Even though they are a necessity when a school does not have enough space to house all of its students, they are an inconvenience and a better solution needs to be found.

Portables are isolated from the rest of the school, making their use so impractical. “There’s the isolation, which is good and bad,” remarked coach Brad Tingey. It can be hard for students and teachers to reach the portables on time just because they are so far away from the rest of the school.

In cold weather, students and teachers often have to walk through rain or snow to get to their classes, and it can take a while to warm up. The halls also become very slippery with all of these students tracking in water on their shoes.

Climate control is also a major concern regarding the portable issue. “It gets really cold,” health teacher Joanne Robinson commented, adding, “It’s hard for me to hear from the front of the class while the A/C is going.”

If nothing is done, Jordan School District estimates that Herriman will have 4,781 students attending by 2021. This increase in students would be the equivalent of at least 37 new portables at Herriman if no boundary changes are made. This November, local taxpayers will be voting on a $245 million bond that will pay for the construction of a new high school in the south part of Herriman due to open in 2020. Passing the bond is the only feasible way to get rid of all the portables.