New iPhone 7 launch

The new iPhone 7 is one that people can’t stop talking about. From the changes in styles to the expensive wireless “AirPods”, Apple never fails to impress and surprise us.

Apple has created a new iPhone, throwing out the way they have looked for a very long time with the iPhone 6. 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus back in 2015 and earlier this year. Making the love and need of bigger and better phones more apparent.

With the iPhone 7, they took it a step further. The iPhone 7 launched on September 7, with a very creative and innovative video and conference.

Apple did things a little different this year, making viewers want to tune in and watch the launch. The appearance of Sia, James Corden, and Pharrell were very surprising feats.

Other than the amazing performance and funny singing, the iPhone 7 launch had an amazing presence and a pleasing aesthetic to it.

The filmography was amazing and really grasped what Apple was trying to sell. It showed off the 2 new colours that were added, and the amazing cameras that were added/enhanced to the 7 and 7 Plus.

The other great thing is, is that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus this year, are less expensive than the past ones.

They have a higher GB storage for a smaller price, although they are still expensive, they are at a better price.

Currently there is a waiting list, although that list is not as long as it has been in the past. Reason being is the still present argument over the absence of the headphone jack.

Phil Schiller, Senior Vice Presidents of Apple, explained, “Up until now, no one has taken the challenge of delivering audio experience wirelessly between mobile device and headphones that takes advantage of opportunities to do something new and do something great,” he said.

“And up until now no one has taken on the challenge of fixing the things that are difficult with those wireless experiences that makes it easier to enjoy them.”

Although that thought invokes a nice change, many are skeptical and don’t like how fast that change came.

This removal of the headphone jack means that everything is now used through the charging outlet. Meaning the headphones that come with the phone will have the same end as your charger.

Don’t freak out quite yet, an extension is included, where you can plug your regular headphones in as well. The only problem is that you can’t listen to music with headphones, while simultaneously charging it.

Unless, you happen to purchase another extension that allows those two actions to take place.

Other than the obvious controversial problems, the iPhone 7 has a great success rate so far is the thing that everyone wants to buy, including myself.