The importance of rivals

It was a cold and windy Thursday night and rain was coming down in buckets. This didn’t stop the Herriman student section from coming out in full force during the football team’s away game at Riverton. This game was especially important to many students as Riverton is Herriman’s biggest rival. In fact for some of these students it was the one game that they needed to go to. Smack talk was exchanged and the students sections for both teams yelled back and forth. Herriman High School student Ethan Ancell had this to say about Riverton, “I would rather get foot surgery again than lose to Riverton”. Many fans shared a similar sentiment and were willing to sit through the freezing rain to support the football team. The football team did not disappoint as they managed to pull through a closely contested game to win a close one 14-7. Chants of “This is our house” came from the Herriman student section as Riverton fans sulked out of the stadium. Herriman fans went home knowing that they managed to beat their rival for another year.