What girls wish guys knew

Don’t be afraid to ask us on a date

Dates are a fun way to get to know another person. We aren’t assuming you want to marry us just because you ask us out.

We don’t expect dates to be fancy

We can’t speak for every girl, but if we like someone, we want to spend time with them. It doesn’t matter if that’s going sledding, playing board games, or just hanging out. We actually feel bad if you spend a bunch of money on us. Low key dates are less pressure and more fun. We also like food. McDonald’s is food. McDonald’s is also cheap.

Think before you speak

Cat-calling is immature, not attractive. Girls are prone to over analyze things, especially something said by a guy they like. An offhand comment you won’t think twice about might be a big deal to her.

Take initiative – If you like us, show it!

Sometimes we’re afraid to make a move, because we don’t know how it will be taken. If you ask us out, treat us differently than other girls, etc, it helps us realize how you feel, and helps us be more confident in letting you know if we feel the same way.

Respect us

Respect what we’re comfortable with. Different girls are comfortable with different things. To some, it’s no big deal to drive a couple hours to get to a date, to others, that’s too far away from home. Some girls are okay holding hands, some aren’t. Don’t push us.

If you’re confused, ask us!

Getting mixed signals? Don’t sit in confusion, just ask.

Text us first

We love it when you’re the one who initiates a conversation, especially if we have a crush on you. If we always have to text you first, we feel like we are annoying you, or like you’re not really interested in talking to us.

Compliment us

If you think we look nice, are great at math, appreciate how we act in certain situations, etc, tell us! It makes us super happy that you notice.

Make an effort to notice things

If you know we have an upcoming game, concert, performance, test, interview, etc. Wish us good luck! It shows you care about what’s important to us, and we appreciate it.

If we’re not interested, don’t take it personally

You’re still great, it doesn’t matter how many girls like or don’t like you!