Pro-winter short

I am a man of independence. I enjoy living my life the way I would like to live it. I apply this to all aspects of my life, from the way I dress, to my friends, and every other part of my life, I value my independence. There is one part of my life, though, that everyone seems to take personally. As the winter approaches, almost everyone in our school bundles up to avoid the unavoidable: the frigid Utah winters. Unlike most people, though, I crave the cold weather.

You may already have suspicions, so let me come right out and say it. Yes, I am “that guy” that wears shorts in the winter, and yes, I take a lot of heat for that.

There is nothing more refreshing than feeling the crisp, cool breeze and the gentle, icy snowflakes floating down onto your bare calves. There is nothing more satisfying than the strange looks and the sarcastic comments because of your unique sense of winter style. I crave this attention. Every sarcastic comment attempts to tear me down, but in reality, it builds me up.

I am free. I am independent. I am “that guy”, yes, “that guy” that wears shorts in the winter. And I would like to ask all of my fellow Herriman High Students to join me, in finding themselves this winter, by wearing shorts to school. Embrace the cold, and join me.