Wrestling team giving it their all

Ranked 7th in the state so far this year, Herriman High wrestling is giving the rest of their season all they got. Ranging from all grades, wrestling members at Herriman high have never trained harder. Intense practices, dieting, and discipline are just some of the pieces of becoming a good wrestler. They dedicate their time, sweat, and passion to each meet and tourney that comes their way. Recently at the Logan Tournament, Logan Jensen pulled for first and Dillon Chavez placed second. Good team captains are crucial for a team coming together and earning a win. Regardless of fellow teammates suffering from a variety of injuries, they still pull through and support one another. Herriman High’s wrestling captains have made that clear and hope to have it pull them to the top at their next tournament in Reno. Wrestling coaches Bowdren and Wardle are determined to have Herriman wrestlers at the top and expect nothing less.