Clubs vs Sports: What is the difference?

Clubs and sports are vital parts of a school. Both contribute to student involvement and social interaction, and help students develop team building and problem solving skills. But, with some clubs functioning as a sport, it leaves many wondering, “What is the difference?” Clubs are usually thought of as meeting together to discuss a book or running the school newspaper, but there are various- types of clubs. Several of the clubs at this school are sports, but they are different from mainstream sports. Sports that are classified as clubs are called “club sports”. These club sports are defined as student organizations established to promote interest in a certain sport, and aren’t identified as being an “official” school sport. In the state of Utah, there are several sports that are not recognized as a sanctioned school sport, such as Ultimate Frisbee and Racquetball. Club sports aren’t just in high school, but are also colleges and communities. These club teams are usually funded by organizations that are based in the community. Some of Herriman Highs’ club sports are Hockey, Lacrosse and Water Polo. High school sports are a well known part of pop culture. After watching cliche, musically inclined high school movies, it’s easy to say that these sports are infamous. They are based and funded in their respective school. Several sports at Herriman High are Basketball, Cross Country, Football. While the definition between club sports and sports are extremely similar, they are still defined as two different things. For example, Herriman High Rugby is viewed as a club, while Herriman High Football is seen as a sport. Even though clubs and sports have their differences, they have their similarities as well. Both high school and club sports are competitive athletic teams. The only major difference between the two is that one is recognized as a sport attributed to a high school, and the other, while it can still be associated with a school, is more community based. But, let’s not forget the clubs who don’t involve athletic abilities. These groups are still as important as the ones that feature a sport. Clubs tend to have different recruitment than sports or even club sports. To join a club, members usually fill out a form accompanied with a small fee, but types of recruitment vary from club to club. Several clubs here at Herriman High are Debate, Student Government, Theatre Arts. Whether it’s going to a Track meet or showing up at a FBLA competition, it’s important to be involved. It doesn’t matter whether a student is on the Lacrosse or Softball team, they’re going to competitively work their hardest either way. Even if certain sports are classified as a club, they are still a sport and play a vital role in high school athletics.