Club Rush

Probably one of the most busy lunchtime activities over the whole entire year is Club Rush. Some kids don’t think it is very interesting, some kids are excited to see a whole bunch of of obscure clubs that no one has ever heard of before, and some are all in it just for the free candy. You also see those kids that pick up a flyer from every single booth, managing to gather an enormous stack that looks larger than the sum total of homework assigned by Mr. Andrus over the year!

I had the opportunity to go during lunch and interview a bunch of random people to find out what their thoughts were on Club Rush.

A lot of kids thought it was a pretty great event— Emma Cannon loved the “fun activities, candy, and seeing clubs you never knew existed”. Alex and Caden were most interested in the ping pong club, and also loved the fun activities.

I asked a passerby sophomore, Josh Sabin, to find out if he was a fan of Club Rush. When asked, “Are you a fan of Club Rush?”, he responded with “No not really. A lot of the people in the booths only give you a couple Starbursts if you sell your soul to the club and make a blood oath to join.”

I was also approached by Maxwell, president of the High School Democrats of America club. Interested to know what it was like running such a new and somewhat obscure club, I asked him “What has it been like being in charge of this club at Club Rush?”

“I’m running a very unpopular club, so it’s been kinda rough. We’ve had a little bit of interest though. Anyone who believes the slightest in equality, getting big money out of colleges, and saving health care should join our club.” -Maxwell Plummer

FBLA being one of the more popular clubs of the school had a different experience running their booth. Tayler, an FBLA officer, says that the experience of being in FBLA is “a little crazy, and hard because you are doing so much stuff instead of being with friends, but worth it.”

Another special announcement coming to you from Book Club! Rachel says that this year the club needs a lot more guys to join, since they’ve traditionally had a shortage of men. If you know how to read and you like stories, if I were you I’d show up to those meetings. Who knows? You might even meet the special one!